Top 3 Programs to Have on Your Computer

There are many great software programs available. So it is hard to pick a top three out of them all. Having used many different software packages as an IT technician I believe I have a good grasp of what works and what doesn't - for me anyway. Here goes..

1. My first pick is Firefox. This a great free browser, if you usually use a browser just to look at websites, then you are missing out! Firefox comes with hundreds of free add-ons to choose from. You can get everything from security to fun and entertaining add-ons. Firefox is light on resources, free, and a great alternative to other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Opera. One great add-on that is worth a mention is WOT (Web of Trust). This add-on tells you which sites are safe, unsafe and whether to be cautious when entering or not, the ratings are based upon hundreds of user reviews - to which you can join and become a member of the community by submitting reviews. The software then works on a traffic light system, integrated into your Google searches, it shows a green circle for safe, amber for cautious and red for unsafe.

2. Second is Microsoft Security Essential. Every computer needs an antivirus program. This one is free to Windows users and has all the features you need to fully protect your computer from infection. It is very light on resources, with fantastic detection rates and very few false detection's. You can enable auto-updating, which means you never have to worry about updating or maintaining the software, it will just perform all these task automatically, there is also the automatic scan feature, which allows you to set scheduled scans for a particular time.

3. Third on the list is VLC media player. This is a must for anyone who watches videos on their computer and is constantly having problems with codecs or only the sound working but no video, and vise-verse. The amount of file types I have thrown at VLC and it has played every single one. It's simplistic design and interface make it a super easy to use program, it supports everything from AVI to MKV files. A great little tool to have on your computer.

There you have it, the top 3 software on my computer. Whilst I'm sure everyone has their own favorite software, this is just my opinion and I look forward to reading any comments.

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